If someone unsubscribes, how do they subscribe again?

Hi there.

Great plugin the e-newsletter :slight_smile:

I’m going to be using it to send updates to my users as I have your membership plugin as it’s a members-only site.

Just wondering though after testing it, what if someone clicks ‘Unsubscribe’ by accident.

How are they meant to sign up to the e-newsletter again?

I would have thought it would appear on the frontend account page of the membership plugin or at least the profile page (backend however don’t really want to send them there as it’s the only thing they would need access to which would seem confusing to users)

I created the group only so that it would appear on the My Subscriptions page, but does that mean I have to manually put every new member into that group for them to manage their subscription.

Is there anyway to get registered users automatically signed to the e-newsletter group?

Is there a signup form for this plugin that could be added to frontend?

Thanks heaps, sorry for all the questions, just a bit confused :slight_smile: