If visitor not logged in then redirect...

I'm setting up a Buddypress site and looking for the functionality so that certain pages are restricted if a user is not logged in. Instead they should be redirected to a specific url.

I thought I had found the answer here (premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/i-am-now-able-to-block-logged-out-users-from-accessing-my-buddypress-and-search-pages-and-redirect-them-to-a-page-of-my-choice), but I have tried the code in the post mentioned and I see no change... I can still view pages that should be restricted when I am not logged in.

The url of the site is silo139.co.uk (This is just a dev domain, the site will be transferred to another domain before launch).

I have started building the site from a skeleton theme base, so my functions.php file is fairly minimal.

The code from the post above is still in my functions.php file so you can see it isn't working at the moment. All i did was remove the <?php ?> start and end tags and change the redirect url page slug.

I also added "buddypress-templates" plugin to help style out the pages. (https://github.com/karmatosed/buddypress-templates/tree/master/buddypress/activity).

Please help!