If you yawned at WP 3.7 today, you won't yawn at 3.8

As many of you know, WordPress 3.7 dropped today, and even if you updated you probably didn't notice the difference. 3.7 was a security/stability release that aims to shore up the platform before a major feature release with 3.8 in mid-December.

Curious what's going into it? You can download large portions of 3.8 as plugins right now. The short list of updates includes:

+ The new WordPress administrative GUI, code named MP6.
+ A re-invention of the WordPress dashboard, code named DASH.
+ A re-invention of the themes interface, code named THX38
+ A fundamental update to the way WordPress handles search, code named Omnisearch.
+ A bulit-in front end editor with no code name.
+ A complete refresh of the WordPress widgets interface.
+ Featured Content will be baked into the core.
+ An experimental feature called Content Blocks should be familiar to anyone who has messed around in Concrete 5.

As usual, not every one of these will be finished in time for 3.8 and it's such an ambitious update that it will almost certainly be delivered late. You also wouldn't be wrong if you thought a large part of this update looked like WordPress trying to catch up with Concrete 5's innovations. There's more than just what I've listed but if you found yourself let down by today's refresh, never fear, you're going to have tons of things to get used to in another couple of months.