problems setting up multi-db

im having problems after setting up multi-db
i have setup everything according to the guide, double and tripled checked everything, when trying to go to the main site i get redirection loop to
im trying everything on a production server and im using my hosts file to point the easy-wp to my production server
here is an example of my add_db_server:
add_db_server('global', 'dc1', 1, 1, '', '', 'easywp_global', '*******', '********');
after this i have all the others from 0 to f (16 dbs)
if i change my ip in the add_server_line to localhost i get same result, if i change the ip place from the 5th parameter to the 4th parameter i get error connecting to db


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey shakuf,

    As mentioned in chat this plugin has been decommissioned and is no longer supported, its still available on our plugin list mostly for older users that are still using it and in case they need to download it or check usage guide.

    Did you check threads I have provided you in chat to see if any solutions from there help in your case?

    EDIT: I just noticed in Members forum that you mentioned that you're using Multi-DB with PHP 7 so this might just be the issue here as this plugin has known issues with this version of PHP, my suggestion would be giving it a try on PHP 5.5

    Best regards,

  • shakuf

    hi predrag,
    thanks for all the information, i havnt managed to make it work yet.
    however im not gona give up anytime soon :slight_smile:
    i have already changed all the mysql functions in db.php file to mysqli,
    even had to include the select function and modifiy it also to use only mysqli (for some reason i havnt manged to understand, the original function doesnt recognize there is not support in mysql)
    i get a connection to the DB, but i get redirect loop, im sure i can fix or at least get help from the right people if i can only get some direction from you guys on what is the problem.

    i know that the plugin is been discontinued, i really appriciate the help you have given me so far and i will understand if any more help will not be possible.
    however i turn to anyone here on the community that had good expirience with Multi-DB, please help me make it work.

    thank you

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