Im a new member : Understanding the DASHBOARD plugin

Im a new member ! Excited about being apart of this Awesomeness! Im very familar with wordpress but this WPMU DEV Dashboard I need clarification on how this will effect my WPMU Social Site I’m about to create. Here are my concerns and questions,

#1. in my admin area it tells me WPMU Dashboard can only be installed on 20 domains , what does that mean ? does this mean I can only use the plugins that you offer (over 300+plus) only on 20 domains?

#2. Im about to create a WPMU using

*buddy Press

*Pro sites

*Pay to Blog


*WPMU Affiliate

*New Blog Templates

****CONCERN: I DO NOT WANT my WPMU DASHBOARD tool to be seen by my community users. The domain name of my social site will be called ~~ ~~

***Should I install my WPMU DASHBOARD PLUGIN on so that there is no mixup and risk?

#3. When plugins have a new update EX: I will allow members to use some plugins like the WPMU newsletter plugin, ***CONCERN: When these plugins have new version, will my members see notifications in their backoffice saying “WPMU has a new update You need to install the lasted update” Thus making me look slightly unprofessional :slight_smile: ?


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    #1. in my admin area it tells me WPMU Dashboard can only be installed on 20 domains , what does that mean ?

    1. Domains really mean APIs. So if you had a multisite for example, you could have a thousands sites on there but that would still only be one API.

    The limit is also a soft limit, so from here:

    So you can enable and disable sites as you need. When disabled you just won’t be able to update and install plugins.

    It won’t affect plugins already installed on your site, they continue to function as normal. You can still download them from our site and manually upload and install them also. This can be for you, your family or your clients and as many sites as you wish.

    Making sense? :slight_smile:

    2. In Multisite the plugin can only be activated at the network level. When activated it locks into your user ID so only you can see that. If you want other network admins to see it and use it then you can enable that from your wp-config.php

    There are instructions on our usage page for this plugin which will explain further.

    3. Nope, 2 also answers this for you. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

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