I'm a WordPress newbie. Can you please tell me which

I'm a WordPress newbie. Can you please tell me which plug-in(s) to use to speed up WordPress? I'm trying to build a new site, and it's really slow, every click is 25 seconds, and my host says, it not on their end. Something I can easily configure, or if someone could help me configure this the first time, that would be even better. I'm stronger on code than on server admin type duties.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    The first thing would be to find the cause, optimise the first before throwing more code on to cache. Pick at the low hanging fruit, so:

    - Check images and their sizes, can they be compressed more?

    If they're all below 1MB but could do with further optimisation then you could consider:


    - How many plugins are you running?

    If it's lots then you have some work to do there, get rid of the ones that you don't really need, the less important ones. Keep in mind the more plugins you run the more code is processed on each page load and the slower the site will be.

    - Is the theme clean?

    Are you using a theme from a reputable source, one that is well coded. Feature rich themes can be heavy, downloading themes from potential dangerous sources can also be a huge issue for you:


    Having an optimised server using something like Varnish Cache can also help.

    There are cache plugins like WP Cache:


    But then you're using more PHP that needs processing to make your site run quicker. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but finding out the reason for the slow load first would be best.

    Take care.

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