I'm adapting the Panino theme using up front. The display

I'm adapting the Panino theme using up front. The display on a tablet (ipad) is only about two thirds the screen width. Any idea how to make it full screen width?

  • Bojan Radonic
    • Head of Support

    Hey there Philip,

    How are you doing today?

    I've checked your site in browser responsive mode based on that screenshot that you've provided and I can definitely see the same issues. I've also checked this on my sandbox site and Panino seems to be working fine.

    This probably means there is a CSS issue in responsive mode and one or more elements are simply wider then the page causing it to look distorted. Did you made any changes in editor using Responsive mode?

    Also I'd be more then happy to take a look if you could provide temporary admin access via our Dashobard plugin, you'll find more information on how to do that by following this link:

    Looking forward for your response :slight_smile:


  • Bojan Radonic
    • Head of Support

    Hey Phil,

    Thanks for the access :slight_smile:

    I've checked your site and I've reduced the logo on both mobile and tablet resolutons by using Upfront editor responsive mode and simply re scaling the image, see screenshot.

    In regards to the issue you've mentioned in the thread, I've checked the front page since it also has the form you're mentioning and I'm not being able to see the issue you've pointed at the start of the thread, see screenshot of the tablet view now.

    Did you manage to fix that or am I missing something?

    Please advise,

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