Im building a multisite and I've picked the theme

Im building a multisite and I've picked the theme. I have a choice of using the themeforest jupiter regular theme or the jupiter child theme. I'm in a stand still until I figure out which choice I need to take and why?

I'm really not sure what the child theme actually means. I know its more customizable but what else? Thank y'all for your help by the way :slight_smile:

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    Basically a child theme needs the parent theme. So you cant use a child theme without the parent theme.

    You either have to buy both or if you buy the child, you might get the parent for free. It depends.

    A child theme is great for 3 reasons
    1. It is more easy to customize

    2. Updates to the parent theme dont overwrite the files you change (compare it to changing your parent theme files, and when you upgrade, all the changes are gone)

    3. Themes are a common source of security problems. So when you use a child theme, you can upgrade your parent theme with very little concern, ensuring your theme security

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    Hiya @Joe

    I hope you are having a great day!

    It's actually preferable to do it the other way around. :slight_smile:

    If you have both the child-theme and the parent-theme, upload them both to your site. Then enable only the child-theme.

    That way, any customization you may want to do can be done in the child-theme and, when you update the parent-theme, you won't lose any of your customizations.

    If you enable the parent-theme on your site and customize it to any extent, you will lose those customizations when you update the theme.

    That's the main advantage of child-themes and why the functionality was developed in the first place.

    Note that my use of the term "customization" here does not refer to theme options. Any adjustments you make in theme options should be preserved when you update the theme.

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