I'm confused here blogging templates and premium theme.

I’m confused and need someone to help me with making a blogging template and/or premium themes. I going to go through my steps and see if someone can help me out.

1) I create a new site and design a theme. Let’s call it “theme 1”. At this point working with gridmarket.

2) I go to the new site and set up the theme, plugins, etc. Do any css editing. When I’m finished.

3) I go to blog templates and create a new template.

Here is where I get confused. If I understand correctly, I have to keep theme 1 active so that other sites can use it. But to add a theme to premium themes then it has to be network inactive.

How do I make an active theme a premium theme if I had to keep it active but must be network inactive to be added to premium theme?

Hope I explained that correctly


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @kimberly,

    First you need to create your templates & activate the theme for each template.

    Then you disable network activation for the themes you want to add as premium themes.

    Once done, whenever someone registers with pro-sites, they select their template & that theme associated with that template will be activated.

    Currently, there is no integration between Pro sites and NBT. In NBT, you can create several templates and the user will be able to select a template. And after that he will be able to change the theme and select a pro level.

    For example, you have 5 themes – a, b, c, d, e.

    You want to create three templates in NBT:

    A => a theme

    B => b theme

    C => c theme

    You also have three pro levels – x, y, z

    Now there is no integration between pro levels and themes.

    So, an user go to register page > select a template > select a pro level > get registered.

    Now, if you want to allow specific themes for specific pro levels, then you need to enable Premium theme modules. So, you want to enable d theme for y level and e theme for z level. In that case, do not network enable d and e themes, but add in premium themes module.

    Now, if an user registers under x pro level using B template, then b theme is activated for him, but he can switch to a and c too.

    But if his pro level is y, then he will get one extra theme – d.

    Hope this helps.

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