I'm getting 500 Errors

I'm getting 500 errors on some 404 requests. This is happening a lot when Google is trying to index pages that no longer exist, especially things like css files.

Here's an example URL that gives a 500: http://www.cocreationcoaching.org/wp-content/cache/autoptimize/css/autoptimize_1ba018ebe311d1d4b00d5b5d3151df33.css

I'm not sure what it is trying to redirect to, but I get the 500 errors, too many redirects. And in the error log it said too many internal redirects were attempted.

I just started multisite, so had to place the new code into .htaccess, so I don't know if that could be the cause somehow?

  • Ash

    Hello Brandon

    I am not getting too many redirects, rather I am getting Internal Server Error, error code 500.

    Does it happen for the css files created by autoptimize only or any 404 requests?

    Also, would you please go through:
    1. /wp-content/cache/autoptimize/css/
    2. /wp-content/cache/autoptimize/
    3. /wp-content/cache/

    all these three folders and see if there is any htaccess files? If so, then rename those files to deactivate and check this url again.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Have a nice day!


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