I'm getting timeouts when running bulk smush it. When that

I'm getting timeouts when running bulk smush it. When that happens, smush.it doesn't recover, and I have to refresh the page and try again.

content-type:text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
date:Sat, 04 Jul 2015 23:55:42 GMT
status:504 Gateway Time-out

  • markbarnes

    My ISP is SiteGround. I've now tried disabling all server side caching, and WP Super Cache. I also disabled all my plugins (apart from WP Smush IT, the WPMUDEV dashboard, and a very simple maintenance mode plugin). I'm still getting the same issue.

    I checked now long images were taking to smush. This time I had four successful smushes: 16.40s, 16.28s, 24.95s, 23.83s, and then one that failed which took 31.96. The one that failed this time was a 2MB PNG file (2410x1812). What's interesting is that when I checked that image out by editing it, it says that SmushIT has indeed reduced the file (by 874.13KB or 29.0%).

    My host won't allow me to increase the PHP timeout beyond 30s.

    There are two issues here. One is SmushIT's ability to recover from a timeout. It should be able to just carry on to the next image, rather than coming to a grinding halt. The second is why the AJAX is timing out, when the image is actually being smushed.

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