I'm getting two images and odd image URLs from imported articles.

I'm noticing a couple of strange things relating how images are imported using autoblogs.

First, I have one site that imports from a blogger site blog (this is a subsite). It's messing up the URL for the images by duplicating one file in the name. Here's an example - http://allaboutchile.com/escapeamericanow/2013/09/08/chileans-love-for-economic-goodies-provided-by-the-state/
Notice that the image is not visible. However, if you go back to the archives page, it is. http://allaboutchile.com/escapeamericanow/2013/09/
Here's the url that was created in the blog entry - http://939918882.r.lightningbase-cdn.com/escapeamericanow/escapeamericanow/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2013/09/santa_lg.jpg. Not that "escapeamericanow" has been duplicated. If I take one of them out, it works fine.
If I check the media, I find duplicates of all imported images. They're the same, except the second one puts a "1" at the end of the url. But neither of these have the "escapeamericanow," which explains why it won't show up in the blog.
This duplication issue is happening everywhere I'm using autoblog, but I think this is the only blog that's duplicating the file in the URL.
And that leads to the other issue. For some reason these images are downloading in duplicate on both the main and subsites. In this instance, autoblog imports to the subsite, then I use autoblog to import from the subsite to my main multisite. It generally works fine, but I get the duplicates and I have to edit the url from this particular site if I want the images to show.

I hope all that made sense. Now, what to do?