I'm going to try to kill many birds with one stone (post) s2member, sign up, verification

I have a bunch of issues that I hope to ask with this one thread, as I figured it would be better then open a bunch for each question.

1. Is there a plugin or service to verify user identity before and after sign up (as we need it to also verify our current users)? Something simple so that user's can open multiple accounts, and can't get past an IP ban. SMS verification? Anyway to enforce one account per household?
2. Stripe is closing our account tied to the s2member plugin. Anyone know of a way to migrate those subscriptions from stripe to paypal? Side note, never use Stripe, they are EVIL!
3. We didn't plan ahead, and need to change out s2member levels in bulk. Is this possible without losing the payment profile tired to each user?
4. If there a way (plugin?) to make additional profile fields that need to be filled out AFTER a user signs up? Can they be unique by user role?
5. Is there a way we can have a super short signup form (EG just email addess), and have a username auto generated (using the string before the @ on their email [and numbers added to make it unique if need be]).

Thanks so much in advance!