I'm having problems with membership pages like

I'm having problems with membership pages like the registration page
when I choose the option for membership to create page I don't like the results (mainly the styling) so my option is to assighn a page I create.
My question is can I use a service like formstack or specifically Wufoo and create a styled form page? Wufoo is a system within itself collecting customer info and applying responders and so on, there is also possible payment integration, I like it a lot mainly ease of use and styling, but I don't know if it will disrupt your plug in's Membership functions? I think the ideal combination for me is if they work together or I can somehow use Wufoo and then membership to protect the content and set payment thru Membership for recurring billing, for budget purposes I need to do this myself I can't afford a developer.

Thank you so much, Robert N Kroker