I'm having some

HI, I'm having some issues with users that are already logged in as users and afterwards creating sites through the site creation portal, wondering if I could get some help for why that is. I've tried replicating the issue by first creating a user and afterwards creating a site and it worked. Just wondering why this issue happens with certain users

  • Justin
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    I've found out that I was able to replicate the issue. It happens when a user tries to create another site and one of the pricing options is free...when a user clicks the free level and types in site and site title after the user submits however a message shows saying that the parent site is awating payment verification and that the user will have to wait 48 hours.....however the user picked free so why is the system awaiting payment?....Anyways when I click the paypal option the page refreshes and breaks and the user cannot create another site.

  • James Morris
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    Hello Justin,

    Thank you for your question.

    In order to understand your issue, I need a little more information about your setup.

    Did you create a Free level under the Pro Sites Levels (Network Admin -> Pro Sites -> Levels)?

    When I enabled Allow Free Signup in Network Admin -> Pro Sites -> Settings, Pro Sites would only allow me to register one site. If I was logged in and tried to create another, I was redirected back to my Dashboard. However, when I setup a manual Free level, when I went to create another site, I was still presented with a PayPal buy now button. When I clicked on it, it took me to the PayPal pay now page.

    I believe this issue is because Pro Sites is setup with it's own native "Free Level" and all levels under Pro Sites Levels is expected to have a price point associated with them, and therefore will always expect payment.

    Given that spammers are likely to abuse a site where multiple free sites can be setup under one user account, it make sense that the native "Free Level" only allows for one site to be registered.

    When I manually created a Free Level under Pro Sites Levels, I was able to sign up for another account using an existing user, but I had to go through the PayPal process even though there was a zero charge. This was on a test site with a fresh install of WordPress and Pro Sites.

    If I have not already answered your question, please reply back with a bit more information about how you are setting up your Free plans and I'll be happy to dig into this further for you. :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • Justin
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    Hi James,

    Hmm...well I realized the only way to show a free level "visually" on the prosites page was to add a free level. Indeed that would be two free levels considering the automatic free account that is given when you have prosites. I've realized I'll need to take off the "free" level I made to see if this fixes this issue. Only problem with this is that I cant showcase a free option as well considering it would be just a sentence at the bottom saying ....no,thank you the free site. Anyways I guess it will have to make due until prosites allows the free site option to be used on the pricing table.

    I'm also going to try this and see if it works


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