I'm having some problem with my WordPress

I'm using the UpFront, and I can't create any Post, if I use the front Editor it gives me error 500, on the back the editor is gone. Help me Please.

  • Konstantinos Xenos

    Hi Rob ,

    This isn't related to UpFront or any other plugin that you currently have active.

    Your 'staging' database has some issues. I'm not sure how you created the database itself but it's missing the Auto Increment flags on the tables.

    I've added the AI flag on the wp_posts and wp_users tables so you'll be able to see that you can create a page / user normally now. But this might result in other issues later on if there's anything else missing.

    You could try re-creating your staging environment just in case there was an issue with the original copy of the database in case that fixes it fully.

    Tell me if you need further help.


  • Konstantinos Xenos

    Yes unfortunately the 'original' database seem to be missing the Auto Increments as well ( see attached image, I've block the sensitive content out ). For example in the _users table the ID should've be marked as an AI field. Since it's not all new records are made with a '0' value as ID resulting in problems.

    The 'why' this might have happened, pretty much nobody knows. It can be a plethora of things, even a WordPress update itself on rare occasions, although it's more likely to be a result of a recent migration between servers using different database versions or corrupted export files that didn't run fully.

    There's also no 'easy' way out of this unfortunately all tables have to be manually inspected and given the correct table schemas. The best situation would be to install a fresh WordPress even locally and compare all tables one by one and to fix them. Some are also taking an 'easier' way out on running an SQL script to 'reset' let's say the statuses and start the AI values from a higher number ( see https://www.photographerstechsupport.com/tutorials/fixing-wordpress-indexes-foreign-keys-and-auto_increment-fields/ for an example ).


  • Konstantinos Xenos

    Hey Rob , I could help you fixing the database of course but the 'problem' is with the 'custom tables' added by various plugins. I can't be sure of their setup except if I install those plugins myself. So not easy basically but doable.

    The backup option seems more promising, could you upload a backup somewhere on the server so I can download it from there and inspect the database files of it? If yes, inform me when the upload is ready, on which folder did you upload it at and if you want me to restore it on the Staging or on the Main website.


  • Rob

    I tried to install a backup using Installatron that also made the backups.
    But it gave an errormessage:

    Restoring Backup: Error: A database query has failed. Is the entered database information correct? Does the account have available disk space? type = mysql host = localhost database = **HIDDEN** username = **HIDDEN** = **HIDDEN** Technical information: method = importFile arguments = array ( 0 => '/home/** HIDDEN ** /domains/gingerandale.nl/private_html/.ht9az1xmk8gqo0o8ccs8w8o0gc4.data', 1 => NULL, 2 => NULL,) errstr = fopen(/home/**HIDDEN**domains/gingerandale.nl/private_html/.ht9az1xmk8gqo0o8ccs8w8o0gc4.data): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/installatron/cache/te_f7f8ed4374c3cd760da7334da0e9c23f[21] (PHP 5.5.38 Linux) Unable to read `/home/**HIDDEN**/domains/gingerandale.nl/private_html/.ht9az1xmk8gqo0o8ccs8w8o0gc4.data': File does not exist.

    Maybe I should better contact Hosting provider for this?

    Regards Rob

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