I'm having trouble adding the google wallet button onto the Marketpress checkout.

Okay, my site is nwtequilafest.com - you can see that I have everything set up for checkout ("merch"), minus the payment option. I want to set up Google for payments, and I have all of the ID's, Keys and whatnot in place. The only think left is to place the Google button in the code for the plugin editor, and I have no idea where to do that. I don't want to screw it up... help?

  • Tom Eagles
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    Nice site :slight_smile: You shouldnt need to add a button the grey button should take you to the google checkout page.

    What i get when i click on this is in the attached screenshot, can you double check your settings and make sure no extra spaces etc have been copied.


  • Jacmo
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    Hi Tom -

    Thanks :slight_smile: It's coming along.

    Yes, there isn't even a place to enter payment information, but there is the google button (even though I can't push it). It seems to skip over the entire payment page and go straight to "Confirm"- and when I try to go back to the "Checkout" page to enter payment information, nothing is there.

    I checked the back end of the plug-in in Wordpress for spaces like you suggested (I was in the Payments tab of the Store Settings, let me know if I need to be looking somewhere else) and everything supposedly is working alright.

    I switched the Mode to "Live" and it seems to be working that way, meaning that I can enter payment information that way, which I suppose is a step in the right direction! Still tho, it dumps me out of my site into Google. What am I missing?

  • Jacmo
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    That might be the problem. I thought I had set up right, but when I try to get into the sandbox settings Google tells me that the account is not set up to be a merchant... but it is the same email and it IS set up for a merchant account. I am totally confused. It looks like (if it's Google) that it isn't an issue with Marketpress, but any advice would be appreciated!! :slight_smile:

  • Jacmo
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    Thanks Tom! I posted in one of their forums - I think the issue may stem from the fact that I have a person and professional Google account.

    I did place an order, to give it a try. It worked, and it looks like Marketpress and Google are talking to each other. But, it looks like I can't manage the orders strictly from Marketpress, I have to go into Google to charge the card and mark it as sent, even if I mark it that way in Marketpress. I'm guessing that is an issue with the sandbox, right?

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