Im having trouble with the WPMU DEV Dashboard

Running WordPress 3.8. Updated the WPMU Dev Dashboard to version 3.4.1.

Once I updated, I was unable to access the WordPress Dashboard. Browser would time-out. The message from the Browser - "This page has a Redirect Loop"

After using FTP to delete the Plugin, I was able to get the WP Dashboard back.

I'll check for Plugin conflicts next and post a follow up.

Any suggestions in the meantime?


  • Frank

    Hi Ari,

    I tried manually uploading the Plugin (FTP) with the same results.

    There are very few plugins running, 15, three of which are WPMU plugins.

    The WPMU DEV Dashboard was working fine until the upgrade to 3.4.1, even before I upgraded to WordPress 3.8.

    So in other words, the plugin is causing the same issue on WordPress on the current version of WP, and the previous version.

    System Details:
    Running on: Apache
    Powered by: PHP/5.3.27

    The issue does not effect the front end of the site, only the admin.

    I hope this helps!


  • Frank

    Update -

    I'm having the exact same issue on a different client website, SAME SERVER - HostPapa servers.

    Renders the Admin unusable, times out, Browser message the same.

    I'm thinking maybe there should be someone taking a hard look at the WPMU DEV Dashboard Plugin v3.4.1.

    I've had two different types of issues, on two different Hosting Providers show up on three different websites..... using different themes for two of them, and different sets of plugins across the three sites.

    Anyone else having issues with WPMU DEV Dashboard v3.4.1? I sure am!

    So now I have two client sites that I can't use the plugin with, can I just manually update the other WPMU Plugins I'm using on these sire or do I have to use the WPMU DEV Dashboard?

    Please help!


  • Frank

    Hi Aaron,

    Ok, I uninstalled the WPMU DEV Dashboard and deactivating the eNewsletter and Integrated Video Tutorials plugins (the only other two WPMU DEV plugins on this site).

    I reinstalled the WPMU DEV Dashboard and activated it. At this point I was able to use the WordPress Dashboard (no more Browser time-out).

    I activated both the eNewsletter and Video Tutorials and updated both these plugins... all seems fine now.

    Looks like you may be correct, it may be one of the other two plugins that isn't playing nice with either the latest version of WordPress, or the WPMU DEV Dashboard.

    I will do the same with the other site I'm having the same issue with and report back with the results.

    Thanks so much for your guidance!!

    Cheers and Happy Holidays to you!


  • Frank

    Hi Aaron,

    a follow up here to my previous post....

    I was successful in resolving the problem on the other website I was having the issue with as well, using the same method as in my previous post.

    The only difference was there are a few more WPMU plugins running on this particular site, but I only needed to deactivated the eNewsletter and Video Tutorial plugins, NOT any of the others...

    So again, I think the issue lies somewhere between either of these two particular plugins.

    I hope this helps!


  • Frank

    Hi Aaron,

    I'm experiencing the same issue again with the latest update to the WPMU DEV Dashboard 3.4.2.

    Running WordPress 3.8.1

    Unable to access the WordPress Dashboard (or the website). Browser would time-out. The message from the Browser - "This page has a Redirect Loop" immediately after Auto Updating.

    After using FTP to delete the Plugin, I was able to get the WP Dashboard back as well as the website.

    There is only one other WPMU Dev Plugin running on the site and that is the Video Tutorials. Even with it Deactivated the problem persists after updating the WPMU Dev Dashboard.

    Any suggestions?


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