I'm having two


I'm having two issues on this page: https://masterantioxidant.ca/purchase/

1) Is it possible to resize the two pill bottle images with CSS?
If I change the width and height of .mpc-wc-product .mpc-product__thumb I get a big gap between the bottles and the add to cart buttons (see image). I think it's something to do with this: .mpc-wc-product .mpc-product__thumb-wrap.

2) On the same page when you click "add to cart" nothing happens (other than the "add to cart" text" changing to a heart). I confirmed with the plugin author that this is functioning as designed. Currently, it's not setup to jump you to the cart page when you click "add to cart." Is there a way to make this happen (go to cart once add to cart is clicked)?

Thanks in advance,