I'm in a process of finding the best framework/setup for


I'm in a process of finding the best framework/setup for quick and beautiful site design, without coding (I'm a marketer, not a coder... been using Wordpress for a long time, but consider myself advanced user not programmer or designer).

Really liked the idea behind Upfront on a paper, where I can resize each element by just drag-and-dropping it. One major concern - very few Draggable Elements comparing to competition. I especially miss animated elements, like images with animation etc. If I could make Upfront work together with Visual Composer's elements, I'd consider it the ultimate solution and would be happy to pay your fees.

If I edit page with VC and then return to Upfront, obviously I see shortcodes not the actual visual output (see attachment). It was not surprising.

I'm considering purchasing VC add-on that allows to use it in Sidebars/Widgets (http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-in-sidebars-addon/ ). My idea is to design layouts with Upfront, then add Widget elements with VC elements in these Widgets. I'm a little worried that I'll just waste my money (since Envato Marketplace won't return money if it doesn't work). If I won't be able to see these Widgets visually in Upfront interface, then it makes no sense...

Could you please at least give me your insight if this seems like an idea that have a reasonable chance of success?

Thank you in advance.