I'm in big trouble. Lots of my blogs are missing after import but it's been 2 days....help

I really hope you can help me out here. I'm missing a lot of my blogs on the new configuration, I've run and refreshed the move-blogs.php script and didn't realize that the script stops when there is still about 1000 blogs left. I'm running the script through lynx on my server in a screen session because running it in my browser would always cause it to crash out. Well I saw all of my blogs ready to be imported "not in new db" when I first ran move-blogs. So I ran the import and it got through about 7/8 of them but crashed out, so I refreshed move-blogs.php hoping that the last 1/8 would come up as not in database and I could finish importing those. Well now only 7/8 of my blogs show up in move-blogs as "in new database" or such. The last 7/8 won't even show up to try and get them in.
I really need your guys help on this because I'm over on the new server and I can't go back now.