I'm in big trouble. Lots of my blogs are missing after import but it's been 2 days....help

I really hope you can help me out here. I'm missing a lot of my blogs on the new configuration, I've run and refreshed the move-blogs.php script and didn't realize that the script stops when there is still about 1000 blogs left. I'm running the script through lynx on my server in a screen session because running it in my browser would always cause it to crash out. Well I saw all of my blogs ready to be imported "not in new db" when I first ran move-blogs. So I ran the import and it got through about 7/8 of them but crashed out, so I refreshed move-blogs.php hoping that the last 1/8 would come up as not in database and I could finish importing those. Well now only 7/8 of my blogs show up in move-blogs as "in new database" or such. The last 7/8 won't even show up to try and get them in.
I really need your guys help on this because I'm over on the new server and I can't go back now.

  • xlogz
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    p.s. - I didn't realize it didn't get all the way through all blogs till later on. All blogs I checked initially were working so I moved from the other server and now I'm screwed. I have of course the old database on the new server but the other blogs on my network have been updated since. Any way for me to get those 1000 or so blogs in properly?

  • Mason
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    Hiya xlogz,

    That's no good. I'm going to ask a couple of our experts for multi db to come by and help you out here. I've done a few multi-db installs, but not had one where it failed to move some of the blogs.

    Anything in your error logs?


  • xlogz
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    I took a look through the error log and couldn't find anything in particular. But tough though with that, I have a lot of traffic coming through currently on the sites that have been moved over already so it could be something obscure buried in the rest of the logging. I'm running it again. I'm crossing my fingers that I found the problem.
    The good thing about the lynx connection on the local server is it solved my connection error. But I believe it's also holding a single Apache connection and I had the connection timeout set to 50 minutes. I've bumped that to an even more ridiculous number now (180 minutes, the whole process looks like it would take about 60-70minutes in total if it gets all the way through) so hopefully it can get through all the blogs.

    Oh, and I realized after closing down the lynx connection, reopening, and running the move-blogs.php it at least sees the blogs that aren't in the db yet. So that's good news, just gotta work on getting it to import the last 1000 or so blogs in the list now. Hoping it goes through this time.
    Thanks for looking into this for me. I'll let you know if the current import works or not.

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