I'm just looking to see if anyone can explain or post


I’m just looking to see if anyone can explain or post a reference to illustrate the optional “CSS Classes” option in a WP Menu.

I can’t seem to find relevant information, most likely since I am not using the correct vocabulary.

I added “align-center” and that worked to center the text of a special menu item.

I’m just wondering if I can also change things like text color, hover effect, etc..

Looking for basic functions of this CSS Classes option.

Examples would be much appreciated! (as IDK how to separate functions; with a “,” or a “;” or just a space??)


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    They aren’t actually functions. A class is just a label that allows you to apply styles to it or perform javascript actions on it. Like giving it a name.

    If align-center in a class field changed the actual text it was a cooincidence that align-center was used in the style sheet. There are similar tags for images and that may be what you stumbled upon.

    I recently used the class field for a hardwood flooring manufacturer to put sample backgrounds behind all of their floor and color links in the nav menu.

    If you have 3 links in the nav, widget01, widget 02 and widget03 you could give them classes with the same name and style it thus.

    widget01 { background-color:red; }

    widget02 { background-color:white; }

    widget03 { background-color:blue; }

    Anything else on the site with the class widget01 would have the background color red as well so choose the classes wisely. this is similar to you align-center experience.

    Hope that helps.

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