I'm locked out of a menu… admin menu editor

Hey gang. I just locked myself out of my settings menu because i disabled it in admin menu editor plugin. I know its not a marketpress plugin, but i guess the justification of me asking about it here is because i was referred to it by the support team :slight_smile:

Anyone know how i can re-enable access to my menu?

/Edit: I just disabled it network wide, but the following question still remains:

Also – once i regain access, do you know how to make it so admin menu editor only effects non admins admin menus? Thanks!

  • DavidM
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    Hi geoffist,

    As you’ve noted, deactivating the plugin should get you access back to your site. As for it only affecting non-admins menus, I don’t think that’s a possibility as a whole but for each item in the plugin you can specify a user role or capability.

    So basically, you can restrict access to a particular menu item based on user role or capability.

    Also, for more information, the support forum for that plugin can be found at the public forums as follows:


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