I'm looking for a Social Cataloging plugin for a website.

I'm looking for a Social Cataloging plugin for a website.

If the term Social Cataloging is new to you, let me direct you to the wikipedia page because it was new for me :slight_smile:


Is there anything that can give me the functionality that those sites in the wikipedia page have?

  • Patrick

    Hey there @Cody

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    Basically, in WordPress terms, a "social sharing catalog" is a collection of data inputted and/or viewable and/or editable by users.

    In WordPress, the way to get that done is to create a custom post-type with associated taxonomies (like categories & tags in regular posts). Then create a front-end post form so your users can post their stuff.

    You would also likely want to create some custom templates for your theme (for single & archive views if required) to display the stuff to your users.

    Maybe even create a custom search form too that only searches your new post-type.

    As this type of setup is very popular, and common, there are numerous plugins available that can help you create that.

    For example, our CustomPress press plugin enables you to create your post-type, taxonomies & any custom fields you want included. There are instructions, both in the plugin settings and on the usage page, to get stuff working in your templates:

    Another option could be a good forms plugin like Formidable Pro (my personal fav!) which enables you to create the front-end forms you would want and post to your custom post-type.

    Exactly how to set things up would really depend on what it is you want your users to be able to share, and how you want is displayed on your site.

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