I'm looking for information on standard form - specifically [subscriptionform]?

I'm working on my site and it's coming along little by little - thank you to everyone in this community for answering all my questions!

Is there a way to edit [subscriptionform]? Right now, I only want one level - a free level just to sign up for my community. Down the road I will be adding a fee based membership level, but not just yet.

The standard form is great, however, it defaults and says: 'Select a Subscription', 'We have the following subscriptions' - I'm hoping to edit some of the wording to make more sense for my users.

Thanks in advance!

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    Option 1:
    You would need to make a modification in membership\membershipincludes\classes\membshipadmin.php to change the text.

    You would then have to be careful with upgrades or patches overwriting your changes.

    Option 2:
    You might also be able to do some fancy work with CSS with class='signups' and the h3 heading. to hide the heading.

    The structure can be seen in the following code fragment:
    <div class='signups'><h3><?php _e('Select a subscription','membership'); ?></h3>
    <p><?php _e('Please select a subscription from the options below.','membership'); ?>
    do_action( 'membership_subscription_form_before_subscriptions', $user_id );

    $subs = $this->get_subscriptions();

    do_action( 'membership_subscription_form_before_paid_subscriptions', $user_id );

    foreach((array) $subs as $key => $sub) {
    $subscription = new M_Subscription($sub->id);

    <div class="subscription">
    <div class="description">
    <h3><?php echo $subscription->sub_name(); ?></h3>
    <p><?php echo $subscription->sub_description(); ?></p>

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