I'm looking for some plugins…

Hi everyone

I’m looking for a couple of plugins for my websites and I’m hoping you guys can help.

Firstly I’m looking for a plugin that allows user to download all the posts in either all categories or a selected category or download the entire website as a static website. I want this so people can use our website offline aswell. (it should be public so everyone can download everything, except ofcourse backend-pages etc).

The second plugin (might also include the third plugin), would be a plugin that allows users to either increase or decrease font size of the page with theese “a+” “a” and “a-” links.

The thrid plugin I’m looking for is a plugin that can read the text from within the post or a specified area. So people can listen to the content of the webpages, preferably it would be able to navigate to the next/previous article when it is finnished reading.

In advance I am thanking you.


Jørgen Juel