I'm looking for something like frames, without it being frames.

I have a training manual composed of multiple pages and then each page is linked on the main training page and opens in a new window. This works alright, but I'm wondering if there is a theme/plugin that would allow me to create something sort of like frames, with a left sidebar of linked topics, which when clicked show up in the content area. Pre-WP, I could easily set up this in frames (I know frames are bad for SEO, but it's an internal training manual so I don't care about SEO for it)... I'm wondering if there is any theme or plugin that would function like this?

  • Predrag Dubajic
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    Hey @jdsullivan411,

    Hope you're doing well today.

    There are number of shortcode plugins that may be just what you are looking for.
    Some of them have option for sidebar tabbed content, meaning that on one side you will have your tab links and on other your content will show up on click.

    Here is a list of some free plugins you can try out to see if that suits your needs.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

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