Illustrious Theme – some questions


I’m looking into using the Illustrious theme. I have a couple of questions about this theme:


As you can see,

– the top items in the grid are non-clickable but do have a bit of text below the title. These are called Features.

– the bottom items are clickable, but have no space for text. These are called Portfolio Items.

Is there a way to have Portfolio clickable items WITH text (like the Features)?

I tried using html to make the title of the Features clickable, but then the title was longer than the max of 65 characters.

Any ideas on how to do this?


Can I use this theme for WP Multisite?


The Theme Documentation speaks about the video ULR field (Portfolio Image Display). Does this mean I can have a video as one of the Portfolio items? How exactly? The information in the Theme Documentation doesn’t help me very much… Or I just don’t get it :slight_smile: Either way, please help me out if you know how to do this :slight_smile: