I'm looking to build a "meet the team" page, which will

I’m looking to build a “meet the team” page, which will include photos and bios of team members, as well as each team member’s Twitter handle a link to a contact form that will automatically e-mail that person and, where applicable a link to their blog (only certain team members have blogs).

I have already built out the forms and compiled the photos and bios, so it’s just a matter of building out this one page.

Here’s my concern: too many times I see this done very sloppily, where the photos are all different sizes and the text doesn’t line up, such as this one, http://www.wvox.com/index.php/programming/shows.

Can someone recommend either a template or plug-in that I might be able to use for this purpose? I have found a handful of plug-ins designed as staff directories, listing full contact info and even downloadable VCF cards or QR codes, however even if omit the contact details and put the links instead, they don’t provide the necessary space for bios.

I tried creating a table in Word and inputting the info there, then using the import from Word function, but when it imported, as I had suspected would happen, the formatting was lost.

Short of creating a directory and having bios appear on each person’s page, which is NOT what I want does anyone have any thoughts as to how I could best create such a page?