I'm lost and I need to get the website going ASAP! Please

I'm lost and I need to get the website going ASAP! Please help! I'm trying to set up 2 subscriptions. 1. Realtor (paid) 2. Member (free)

My goal is to get paid members to register, anyone to be able to search the members and the free members to be able to contact the Realtors. How do I achieve this? What are the links for a visitor to see the 2 different subscriptions?

Here is what I've done and activated.
1. I created the 2 subscriptions
2. Created a Realtor, Member & Stranger access levels (all have access to everything at the moment)
3. Activated PayPal Express
4. Specified "register" to be the Registration page under options

Now what? How do I direct people to choose a subscription plan? am I missing something? Also can I have 2 different registration fields for the different subscriptions? I dont need as much information from a free member as I do from a Realtor

Thanks so much in advance for your help

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    Sorry, didn't see your reply to my other question about different forms for different subscriptions. It's not possible :slight_frown:

    I still need to know everything else though ASAP. I forgot to mention. When I go to the register page I specify, I see the registration form. Not the option to choose a subscription.

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    Thank for replying, once again :slight_smile:

    I did watch all 17 of the videos. Maybe I missed something. Is there any one in particular I should re-watch in my case?

    I added a new page, added this code to it: [renewform] and specified that page in the membership > options > membership pages. Still no choice of subscriptions. Please see my development site: http://rr.gediweb.com/register/

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    Ok. No answer... Since I'm in development stage, I deleted all the users, all the memberships and all the levels and started all over =(

    Figured out my problem I was naming the member registration page "register" which was conflicting with the WordPress Registration. Under Options > Membership Pages when I named it something else and disabled the wordpress registration, I was able to get to the subscriptions.

    Hope it helps someone.

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