I'm new to the community and fairly new to Wordpress!

I'm new to the community and fairly new to Wordpress! I've used other software in the past, and can honestly say Wordpress has become my favorite. The community is fantastic and the plugins, expandability of the software is just amazing.

I wanted to ask the community for suggestions about my current site and the direction I'd like to take it.

I run my gaming community website on Wordpress now and transitioned from IPB. IPB is a great piece of propriety software, but the lack of support and the need to have a masters degree in coding is off putting.

I migrated my IPB forums over to Wordpress/bbpress. Using some plugins to expand the functionality of bbpress, I think I've got it to a point where I like it.

My goal is to offer guild/clan hosting or subdomains through my gaming community site.

I currently have multisite installed and have 1 guild using a subdomain to host their guild site. They're really nice people and so they're very patient with me. It also didn't help that I had a server crash and had to reinstall the entire website. (I've since switched over to a manged vps with great support)

Currently, I've set up a support subdomain and am starting to publish "how to's" and have a ticket system and ask a question system in place for them to use. Right now, I'm very much involved with creating/maintaining the site for them which is what I don't want to do. I would like to spend my time getting my community advertised vs supporting small things.

One thing I noticed, is the group I'm hosting, will ask for expanded functionality via a plugin. I have to take the time to find one that works, without causing a slow down of my site or network due to out dated code.

I also noticed that Wordpress out of the box doesn't have user roles like other cms's and forum software have. This is something I'd like to add for my site that integrates with bbpress and a possible membership plugin at a later date. The main purpose is to restrict bbpress forum sections from specific groups of people. I am using one plugin that accomplishes this to an extent, but the user is limited to only one group. So if I create a user role group "Group A" , a user can't be in "Group A" and "Group B" which is something I'd like to restrict bbpress categories and forums.

So, ideally I'd like my site to function as a "portal page" for my gaming community while supporting smaller guilds/clans by allowing them to create a subdomain or host their website with me via wordpress. Later, I'd like to add tier hosting plans aka Free (ads) Paid (no ads).

So, I'm not sure if I should start over from scratch to get rid of the cluttered database(unused/deleted/disabled plugins etc)or not.

Thanks again, sorry I wrote so much I just didn't now how to explain my situation without going into a very detailed description.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Joshua!

    I used to be an IPB maven, myself! I moved over to WordPress about four years ago, so I COULD BE YOUR FUTURE. mwahahahaha.

    We have so got you covered! I think I can point you towards one of our plugins for each feature you want to add.

    How - to's: For this, we've got several options, including Wiki, CoursePress, and Support System. CoursePress may be a little bit too much car for this task, but Support System (with a built in FAQ system) would be perfect.

    Simple ticket system: Again, Support System is perfect for this. It's super easy to set up, and it's cake to convert answered tickets into FAQs.

    User roles - There are a few free user role plugins that allow you to create new user roles, but I think our Membership might be more of what you want. It's a bit easier to set up, and offers a lot more drilled down control over what content gets seen by whom.

    For hosting plans, we've got Pro Sites, which is really, really cool. It lets you create different levels of sites, with different price points, and like Membership, you get ultimate control over how you implement the rules.

    We're tickled to have you as a member, and I want to know how it's going, so keep us posted! It sounds like you're building a really cool thing here.

    Take care!

  • Joshua

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for your super fast response!

    Good to see a former IPB user here. I was totally frustrated with the community there and the lack of functionality I required. I'm semi knowledgeable with very easy php code, but the level required for IPB was beyond my knowledge. The lack of FAQ's for simple minds like me, also was a drive away factor.

    I was just looking at the feature's of some of the plugins you suggested.

    In regards to the "Support System", does this offer front end support, or is it virtually based on the backend option for site owners? I'd never thought about having actual backend support system tied together, brilliant really.

    I can use my support subdomain for more "Ask questions" and public information.

    Does the membership plugin integrate with buddypress and bbpress? I currently don't have any plans to charge people for a subscription. I do, however; plan to allow specific features for members who choose to donate a specific amount. Is this possible with the plugin? Also, at first, is it possible to have user access like IPB had, where I can create groups. For example : Subscriber would be like IPB's Registered Membership but I could create a new group called "Site Owners" and that would be a different group that could only access forums for them, but also have access to all other forums as well.

    Also, I've been going through plugins left and right trying to find one that works. Has this cluttered my database? Would you recommend starting in a test environment from scratch then porting it all over at once?

    Thanks again for you help, I really do appreciate it.

  • Joshua

    Hi again,

    After installing the "Membership" and the "Pro Sites" plugins. I think I might have to go with a "Pro Sites" overall to allow users to create their own site within the network.

    I guess if I explain the situation, someone can point me towards the right direction.

    My site is a gaming community so most will sign up that want access to that one site. I'd like users who would want to create their own guild site on my network, to be able to do so. From what I've noticed, once I enable "Both sites and user accounts can be registered." in the Network Settings, any user can create their own wordpress site within the network.

    The problem I've noticed is the buddypress menu located in the admin toolbar, has a sub menu titled "My Sites" that has another option "Create Site". I'd like to remove this from the toolbar if possible and create my own page in wordpress that highlights the features of each prosite plan that a user can create.

    Is this possible?

  • aristath

    Hello there @Joshua, i hope you're well today!

    The problem I've noticed is the buddypress menu located in the admin toolbar, has a sub menu titled "My Sites" that has another option "Create Site". I'd like to remove this from the toolbar if possible and create my own page in wordpress that highlights the features of each prosite plan that a user can create.

    Yes, that's possible... Could you please grant me access to your backend so that I may see this in person and provide you with some custom CSS to fix it?
    To do so, from your dashboard go to WPMUDEV => Support => Support Access and click on the "Grant access" button.


  • George

    Hi Joshua,

    Welcome to the wpmu community. I too, am a new member, although not new to wpmu. I just went from being a kick the tires visitor to full time member.

    After, reading through your post. I would recommend you checking out
    Amazons Web Services, especially their S3 & EC2 sections. I have just
    started using their S3 services and you can't beat their cost figures.

    What really cool is you get the first years enrollment is totally FREE. After, you
    you are set up and rolling, you only pay for the storage you actually use.

    Since you are hosting gaming apps, I don't believe you can find another
    company on the web that can hold a candle to Amazon's Cloud Hosting.

    Although, I must give you a heads-up on the amount of time you will
    probably have to invest in just reading through their documentation.

    I have been burning late-night oil for the past 2-3 weeks, and have only
    scratched the surface of their S3 storage services.

    Anyway, below is an excerpt copy from inside my mgmt console, which
    highlights a bit of the "Who's - Who" you could possibly be sharing
    space with should you decide to go with Amazon:


    Using AWS, gaming companies across the globe are running their mobile, social and browser-based games in the cloud to rapidly scale and lower costs. Some of the world’s most popular games, including 8 of the top 10 Facebook games, are running on AWS. These gaming companies are able to quickly launch new games and respond to customer demand by having access to 1000s of virtual servers in minutes.
    Media Sharing...

    Also, remember we have the new "Clone Plugin" which would make your migration efforts a cake walk.

    Anyway, I hope, I provided some food for thought...and NO, I am
    an affiliate for Amazon's S3 service...As far, as I know, they don't allow it.

    Best Wishes with you site(s), and we glad to have you aboard. I hope those quotes and italics produce the affect I was aiming for...if not...Ooops!!

    If there are any other questions, you feel I can help with feel free to hit me up.

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