I'm not seeing any published changes to my pages/posts with the plugin

This plugin is going to be an awesome lifesaver if I can figure what I’m doing incorrectly. Yes, I’ll assume this is a “me”, not ‘you’ problem.

The plugin installed and seems to function fine – I can edit the settings from the dashboard and I can see the changes that I can implement when in either a post or page. The problem is that I’ve tried to ‘test’ this out with my content with both a page and a post and have not bee able to see any changes in either preview or published mode.

I’m pretty sure I must be missing something, but it’s been a few hours of going over the same steps and I’ll concede that help might be needed.

When using the short code button when in a post, it gives me the option of what the description is and the cost, and then enters the following in the body of the post:

[ppw id=”33884716″ description=”Buy Geometry – Shapes & Angles” price=”2.00″][/ppw]

From there I’ve experimented with different descriptions and different prices, but nothing ends up showing up when I go to preview or publish the post (or page).

Any help would be awesome; I’m still fairly new with WP.