I'm pretty upset, especially considering the mail you just sent me.

You advertise a program one way then sell it another, then inform me that I can't get a refund for misadvertising. So...since you won't give me a refund until 'support' can't help me I really hope you are willing and able to edit my website.

I am in need of a section in my website that features new cars, for a car dealership. Each car will have special features and will need to be sorted by make & model. The final listings page will need to be customized to also offer a place to put a youtube video if need be. I played with your classifieds plugin and it seemed to do what I needed it to do but my features section wouldn't update the final listing & I couldn't figure out how to edit the final listing to customize it to my requirements...and like I just told you I require a search taxonomy plugin, I'll look into the plug you recommended.