I'm really new to all this

On top of that I have an alzheimers like dissability, I'm trying to get something going to get me the hell off disability and have chosen this as one of the methods, first question is, what plugin do I use and how do I do something like when I make a page that is called say "Monetizing Your Blog" and inside the page explain different companies such as adsense, rocket profit etc....when explaining or introducing them I want them as links so when I say something like..."first, if you haven't already created an account with I would recommend you "signup here" with adsense.... something along those lines and the "signup here" be the java code referral link back to adsense for them to sign up under your account. Same with other referral methods. How do I do that, or what plugin lets me do it I guess I should ask, since java script in pages and blogs is a no no

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