I'm still trying to configure the membership plugin so that

I’m still trying to configure the membership plugin so that the user gets two weeks free, and then gets charged $2.49 a week. I had contacted support previously for this issue and others… and all others have been addressed except for this one. (See previous support threads here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/need-help-customizing-the-user-experience#post-539974

and here:


The previous staff member said that my settings looked correct and that they were kicking it up to another developer:

“Thanks, that all looks correct, I’ve flagged the lead developer on this for you, as that should be happening :slight_smile:

Another user had similar similar issues and commented on the second thread linked above… but I still haven’t received a response to my original problem. When you signup for the membership, you can sign up… but instead of taking you to the PayPal page… it simply says that you are now a member… Ideally, they will:

1. Sign up/Register

2. Get brought to PayPal to enter payment info

3. Receive a welcome email with a link to the private content on the page (http://bookwormsports.com/site/weekly-stats/)

4. Get charged by PayPal in two weeks time… and every week after that.

Can you please advise how we can accomplish this? This is the last hurdle before we can go live.

Thank you in advance.