enable marketpress as pro site premium upgrade

im sure ive read elsewhere that this isnt possible.. im having a hard time finding that forum again tho

i have network activated Marketpress so I can make use of the chained payment option.

is it possible to have marketpress available as a premium upgrade on pro sites. in turn not allow access to marketpress if they select my most "basic" level.

at the moment its not in the list.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    It isn't possible to make it a premium plugin when you're using chained payments now. The reason is that the premium plugins part of Pro Sites controls what site admins can activate, but as MP is already network-activated it's not possible to do that.

    There isn't any specific integration between MarketPress and Pro Sites as yet either, so it's not possible to limit the features based on levels currently.


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