im testing the smushpro plugin to reduce image sizes. when

im testing the smushpro plugin to reduce image sizes.
when I upload a file of 1.1mb it reduced to 1mb (+- 22kb reduced).
Is this the normal reducing? Isn't it better to reduce images in photoshop?
because 22kb is not that much

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hi there Christophe

    Hope you are keeping well and welcome to the community !

    There are multiple factors at play here. The simple answer to your question is Yes, PS is better if you can tweak each image and specifically optimize its palette and output filters. Smush is more of a fit it and forget it type plugin that does the weight lifting for you in the background.

    Next if you choose lossless compression ( default in Smush ) certain images can be compressed only so much with that setting turned on. Lossy ( Super Sumsh ) should give you much better results

    Finally the dimensions of the image matters too, esp in page speed tests. Any image with more than 1200 px on either side is not optimized for the web unless its part of a showcase/gallery where the image IS the content.

    So when you consider all this and the fact that our servers do the Smush, so there is no bandwidth / load issues on yours and all that users on the site can optimize images automatically with no further inputs that is where the benefits with Smush lie

    Hope that clarifies


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