I'm trying out your plugin, and I ran into an issue...

Hi! I'm trying out your plugin, and I ran into an issue...

Basically when indexing the site, it shows that it HAS pulled in the custom post type I added... Bu searching for a term I know is in one of the custom post types in the network yield no results. Any idea what could be wrong?

Thank you!

  • Luca
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Ari! Thank you, I just hadn't noticed where the plugin settings ended up hidden. However, now I'm running into another issue...

    The sites in the network are for webcomics, so a large number of the posts are images only. The tags & categories are used to display the names of characters in each comic, etc. I've noticed that these don't seem to show up for search results... So for example, searching for a character that shows up in a lot of the posts in the main webcomic on the network only shows a couple of results for blog or comic posts where the text content of the post includes the name.

    Also - it seems that searching for the name of a member blog doesn't do anything particularly useful. It only returns any existing posts where the text includes the full name... but not a link to that blog's front page, or any of their pages, actually (Yes, I've enabled "pages" to show up in search - I picked "all"). Since this is a plugin intended for multisite and it's conceivable network visitors would use it to try to directly find the link to the name of a blog or an author, would there be any way to add some "smart" options for results, like adding the blog names, authors profile pages, and tags to the reference index, and prioritizing those to show up in the results?

  • Luca
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Would there be any way to automatically pull the titles and tags into the post content for indexing purposes, but not visually display them since that would go against the layout idea of the themes?

    For context, the network is SimplyComical.com (very much still under construction, the layout and content is a bit silly right now) and the main comic that we're building off of is buddyandfriend.com - with the custom post type being comics. There are occasionally "blurbs" under the comics, but mostly they're just images with tags/categories for sorting purposes.

    Right now, using the global site search in the sidebar of simplycomical.com to search for characters doesn't yield the related comics, and even searching for "Buddy And Friend" only brings up posts in which that is mentioned... not the blog itself. I understand that you offer other plugins for listing tags across the network or showing member blogs, but it really REALLY seems like being able to search for things like this should be part of a global search function.

    (Also, I apologize, I've ended up talking about this on two threads now.) Is there any way to set up a feature request for this?

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