I'm trying to configure the Pro Sites plugin locally

Hello, I'm trying to configure the Pro Sites plugin locally on IMac running Bitnami Multisite.

You will see in the attached file 3.png the 'congratulations your site is almost ready' screenshot. I had this working after spending hours and hours trying to configure it and now it's not working. When I do a testing sign up with the Stripe payment gateway, I choose my plan enter my Username, Email Address, Site Name and Site Title and enter my payment details and Click 'Subscribe' -> this is the problem, 'I'm not seeing getting the Congratulations! your new site is almost ready' screen Wordpress is logging the new user in up in the top right corner 'Howdy Leah' and when I click that there is no Dashboard menu links on the left it just says 'Dashboard' 'Profile' and 'Collapse Menu'.

When I go into MY super admin Wordpress Dashboard there is a record of the USER Leah after being created under users but there is no Wordpress Website after being created under My Sites for the user Leah. When I check the Email Address for Leah there is no emails from my Wordpress Multisite about her sign up. I had this working and now it's broken I'm just so confused with it I don't understand it, I hope I explained this clearly thanks :slight_smile: