I'm trying to enter in a short code into the expert page:


I'm trying to enter in a short code into the expert page: [dopbsp id=”1? lang=”en”]

It's not showing up on the page though and it's just showing the text: http://4bc.907.myftpupload.com/expert/adam-mann-2/

How can I have the short code content populate the area below the description?


  • Vaughan

    Hi Lily,

    Hope you're well?

    It looks as though shortcodes aren't supported in the biography area.

    i've been looking through the code trying to figure out where to register do_shortcode on the biography object, but can't seem to figure it out, let me just ask one of our developers to see if this is possible with a custom filter or whether it would need editing in the plugin code.

    Hopefully he should respond shortly.


  • Hoang Ngo

    Hi Lily,

    Jobs & Experts won't support shortcode for Biography & Job Description by default, as this can lead to potential security issues. If you need that feature, in the file /jobs-plus/app/views/expert-single/main.php line 146, you will see a code block like this
    <?php echo JobsExperts_Helper::jbp_html_beautifier(wpautop($model->biography)) ?>
    Please update to
    <?php echo do_shortcode(JobsExperts_Helper::jbp_html_beautifier(wpautop($model->biography))); ?>
    Let's see if it can help :slight_smile:.

    Best regards,

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