I'm trying to use Appointments+ to schedule parent assists

I'm trying to use Appointments+ to schedule parent assists for a preschool. For each class period, there needs to be one parent signed up for "snack assist" and one signed up for "water assist". I've tried to do this by creating service providers for each class, with a "snack assist" and "water assist" service type.

First problem is that it seems that a service provider cannot be scheduled for two services simultaneously. This makes sense but breaks my use case.

Assuming we can address that, second problem is that I'd like for users to be able to see which service is available for a service provider at a given time slot. For example, if the Tuesday "snack assist" has been filled I'd like them to be able to choose the "water assist".

I know this isn't quite what the plugin was designed for but do you think we can make it work?

  • bfineman

    I may have figured out a workaround. I reversed it an made a "service provider" for "snack assist" and "water assist", then "services" for each class. I can then allow the user to show available slots for the "service provider" (assist type).

    Next question: Can I control which time slots are shown? For example, an 8am - 11:30am class only has one 2.5 hour time slot, but the calendar shows choices for 8am and 10:30am. The user cannot select 10:30am (greyed out) but I'd rather it not be shown at all.


  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hi bfineman,

    If I understand your question correctly, for now you want to hide hours in which reservation is not possible. This can be done using small CSS snippet, that you can apply to your theme

    .app_timetable_wrapper div.notpossible {display: none;}

    This will give result like in screenshot. On the other screenshot there is how you can add this custom CSS. Just paste at the end of the bottom editor and save.

    let me know if this what you were looking for.
    Kind regards,

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