I'm unable to get Pay with Like to reveal the content behind the likewall

I've installed Pay with Like and set up a Likewall on the following page:


The Likewall shows up on the page but when a like occurs, the content is not revealed. The paywall goes away but area that should be revealed is not (see screenshots). I'm running Total Cache / MaxCDN and have purged all caches.

Content on Page:

<p>The Triage portion of Event Enrichment typically takes place in a series of meetings between the NOC Manager and the relevant Operations groups (Systems / Network / DevOps). In order to accelerate the process, these meetings should occur twice a week during the early phase of the Event Enrichment cycle. Review each event in the chosen spreadsheet tab (beginning with the most frequent) and assign each a tag of ACTIONABLE, FIX, or NOISE.</p>
<div class='pwal_container' id='pwal_container_50341697'>
<div class='pwal_description'>Like us and get the Event Enrichment Triage Sample Spreadsheet</div>

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    <p><script type='text/javascript'>function pwal_google_callback_50341697(data){wpmudev_pwal.setup_google_plus_js('50341697',data);}</script>

<p> </p>
<p><span style="color: #000000; font-weight: bold;">Enrichment</span></p>
<p>The final step of Event Enrichment is to enrich all ACTIONABLE events, suppress all NOISE (irrelevant to normal operations), and fix all FIX (misconfiguration or known transient problems) events.</p>
<p>If ACTIONABLE, the event is enriched with its associated escalation path and remediation information, which is loaded into the NMS. Shown below is an example of an enriched event from the Nagios NMS:</p>

No errors on Firebug.

Please advise!

thx. :slight_smile: