I'm using studio theme and when I click on a category in the tag or category cloud it lists mos

I'm not sure what template or php file does what I'm trying to do.
I have a lot of categories and a lot of tags. When I put the tag or category cloud in one of the sidebars and then click one of the categories or tags my resulting display is the most recent posts. When I look at the link url its showing the correct category. So what am I doing wrong that its not showing the contents of that particular category?

  • bkeller99
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    Hey Mason,
    okay here is the link to the site. FYI I haven't activated the membership plugin yet, still a few things to do.Thought I would point that out in case it was an issue. If you go down to the bottom and look at the 1st footer widget you'll see a category cloud. It doesn't matte which category you choose it displays all of the posts starting with the most recent. Fyi the product testing category only has 1 post associated with it but as you can see it shows them all.
    any ideas?

  • Mason
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    I'm gonna ask the Theme Designers to chime in here as well, but I have a couple thoughts on this:

    1. Your site makes me hungry ;D
    2. Do you have any plugins running that would have an impact on category links or change the slugs for categories? They might be having an impact here.
    3. I thought there was a newer version being released, though I don't think it had fixes for this particular issue. Now that I look, it seems 1.0.4 is the most current and that's what you're running.

    Let us know what plugins you have running for category and URLs and we'll see what we can do on our end as well.


  • bkeller99
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    The only thing I can think that was unusual is that for some reason I changed the category base name to "topics" when I initially set it up. Not sure why I did that. Would that be an issue? and can I change it back without screwing up the existing posts?

  • bkeller99
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    Whatever works, but I don't know what you mean by follow Mason's steps. I don't see any steps.Could you explain?
    meantime Mason here are the plugins you were requesting:
    the plugins you support:
    ad widget
    contact form 7
    others that work:
    anytoany bookmark
    post video players slideshow (Cincopa)

  • Tammie
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    @bkeller99: sure was referring to this:

    2. Do you have any plugins running that would have an impact on category links or change the slugs for categories? They might be having an impact here.

    He is suggesting you try with those plugins off in case it is that.

  • bkeller99
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    I listed which plugins I am using. I tried de-activating them and didn't see any change.
    plus none effect the categories directly.
    As I stated before the only change I made that directly affected the categories is that I set the Base name to Topics in the Permalinks section, when I first set up wordpress.
    Which php file handles listing the category contents?
    Mason had me modify the archive.php for an earlier issue dealing with removing the avatars in the blog list.

  • bkeller99
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    Great job!
    I must say Mason you have a way about you. I apologize for being such a pain about the one time charge but I wasn't expecting it, so I was a little taken a-back. It was like "Holy Lindsay Lohan, who stole my #@%!&ing drink!" anyway getting this to work was just as big a deal and you were very responsive after my initial complaint. I appreciated your calm and to the point responses.
    Thanks to Tammie, too.
    chow matey!

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