I'm using the Chat plugin on a site I'm busy developing

Hi guys.

I'm using the Chat plugin on a site I'm busy developing (doubleimpact.co)

I tried out the Chat lite plugin, which is beautifully styled, but when I bought and installed the Chat plugin, there's pretty much no styling, and it's pretty ugly. I'm sure this is so that each site can style it to match their site's style.

I know a fair bit of CSS, so I could style it myself, but was wondering if you guys have any preset styles or know where I could find some? Would be really helpful rather than styling the whole thing from scratch.

Thanks and regard

  • Vaughan

    Hi @lee,

    I've asked some colleagues and they don't have any unfortunately.

    The main chat looks ok (page chat using shortcode), but the corner chat is a bit bare. You can customise it in the settings to an extent, but if you really want to go all out with, you'll need to edit the CSS i'm afraid.

    Hopefully other community members might be able to help, some do frequently monitor the threads, so maybe someone might chip in.

    In fact, if any member does have any stylesheets they want to share. I'll give upto 100 points for doing so (to a limit of course, more if it's really good.)

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