I'm using the [enewsletter_subscribe] shortcode but need

Hello, I'm using the [enewsletter_subscribe] shortcode but need to find a way to customize it to add some text to explain what it is people are subscribing to.

My developer has customized the CSS box as you can see on this page:

However, I don't see any way to add text in this subscribe box...

Thank you for your assistance.

  • Alexander

    Hi @Reda

    It's a shortcode, so you could just edit the page and add any text you need there. Perhaps just under your subscribe header. The shortcode itself doesn't have the ability to add more text unfortunately

    If you do need to get text within the widget itself, you could edit e-newsletter.php around line 2216 This is where the HTML resides.

    Alternatively, you could add some javascript in your theme that modifies that area with some jQuery

    Best regards,