Membership2 Registration loop

I'm wondering if there is a fundamental problem with my theme, membership installation or buddypress. I have simplified my site to have 1 membership signup which is free. Yet, I'm still having issues such as the registration page looping after details have been entered. This has been very painful for more than a month now, could someone take a look and give me some answers.

1. User signs up
2.Gets a message to check email. (I assumed enabling the buddy press add on and selecting the integrate with membership2 option allows for this)
3.user logs in .

At the moment,

1.user selects membership
2.user registers and submits
3.registration page is returned empty, with message its easy to register etc..

  • karen

    Hi Vinod.
    Thank you for your response.

    Funny, its now working and not looping which is a plus...I cleared my cache, so maybe I was having some browser issues.

    However, I may have got this wrong. I assumed that if you integrate with Buddy press and use the buddy press registration instead of membership2, the user receives an email, which allows them to activate the account. Is this incorrect.
    In the absence of a payment method I would like to generate an email activation. I did have this in the earlier version of membership.
    At the moment, in the test I did, this does not occur. As you register you automatically get access.
    So to be clear, I want user to sign up, receive an activation email, and then activate their account.

  • Ash

    Hello @Karen

    I hope you are well today.

    In that case, you need to disable to use buddypress registration form with membership. Then deselect the page for membership register and make sure to assign a register page in BuddyPress settings.

    Now, your system will use buddypress registration to register an user. The user will register and will get an activation email. After activating his account and login, he needs to visit the membership page and choose a membership.

    The huge difference is, in this way the can't choose membership first, rather he needs to register and login and then buy a membership.

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have any.


  • karen

    Hi, I tried the above, disabling use buddy press integration in addons and got the following:
    A) membership option is displayed,
    B)selected it, and was registered.
    C) no activation email ...automatically registered.

    Please can you access my setup. There must be something weird going on that everything I am asked to try does not work. All I want is to get a user to register on a free membership and receive an activation email. Ive tried this for sooo long. I just want it resolved now so I can move on with my content.

  • karen

    Ashok, thanks for your reply. I would say that I'm a competent beginner when it comes to WordPress. I generally can follow instructions and get stuff to work.....EXCEPT However, when it comes to the membership plugin, I appear to have a massive blind spot, and my experience and intuition fails me.
    I followed your instructions above and did not get an activation mail. I actually want two memberships not one ,one free and one paid... but because I can't get this to work properly, and I actually want to launch shortly, I have only included the free membership at this time.

    I do not understand what you mean by the following "How's about automatically adding the membership to the user when he registers from buddypress registration and activate his account?" do you mean the default membership . Could you, or one of your colleagues please include instructions which are for "dummies",. Alternatively, I have granted access so you could do the change directly for me. I have reset the plugin several times... would this cause issues. ?
    To reiterate..
    I want a user to be able to sign up, get an activation mail (whether free or paid) , I don't mind when they see the membership options, and then access the correct membership.

    When I did manage to get the activation mail, the membership was not activated and I got a restricted membership despite only having one available (?)... this is why I think I have an issue with the plugin.

  • Ash

    Hello @karen

    I would be happy to configure in your site.

    I have logged in at your site, tried to use BuddyPress registration but no activation email is sent. I have waited sometime, checked my spam box but the email is not in there.

    Would you please disable membership for now and put the state when bp activation email was working? I will work from there.

    Please let me know.

    Have an awesome day!


  • Ash

    Okay, at last I got the activation email.

    So, currently this is your registration page:

    The link of registration button in homepage, you need to change to

    Then after logging in, the user have to visit the membership page:

    So, you need to have another link called Membership and link to

    And from there the user will be able to choose a membership.

    Have an awesome day!


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