Image ALTs not changeable?

I have run SEO Checkup Reports, in which I am shown that my website has several image tags which do not contain the "alt" attribute.

Now, I have gone through every single image stored on my server and added "alt" attributes.

The URLs in the report start with "***.biz/", which makes me think that these are URLs from the JetPack CDN (maybe), and not those on my server.

Any help in how to solve this is much appreciated. Thank you!

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Katrin

    I hope you’re having a nice day!

    Yes, these images are served from Jetpack CDN but that shouldn’t be the cause of the issue. I believe you went through each and every image in Media Library, adding alt text there, is that correct?

    That’s good thing to do but it, unfortunately, doesn’t necessarily mean that this alt text is used on site as this depends mostly on the theme and, sometimes, additional plugins that is/are “printing out” these images to the site.

    For example, the image that’s right below the “Access Free Resources” text on homepage – this image does have alt text set for it in Media Library. On the homepage though that alt text is not in the source code at all.

    If you edit the homepage and go to edit the “Image” module settings for that image, you’ll notice that the “Image Alternative Text” option value for that image in “Advanced” tab of “Image” module settings is… empty. Editing that should help.

    Best regards,


  • Katrin
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Adam,

    I hope you are doing well, too!

    Well, I need to say it is a little scary how much you are able to see about my little shortcomings, but you are absolute right. That particular image had no ALT tag in the image module.

    I added the tag, re-run the test and have one less problem.

    Okay. – I got that. On my way to better scores now.

    Many thanks!



  • Katrin
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks John!

    There seemed to be a time lag until SmartCrawl’s SEO Checkup recognized the changes I had done.

    I see that the issue is already solved.

    Thanks for making me aware of this plugin. It’s certainly something I’ll keep in mind.

    Thanks everyone for your help!



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