Image compression quality

Hi Guys, The site I’m working on is cloaked and the above url is not relevant for this question.

I recently purchased smush to help optimize my images. However, I’ve noticed that I continue to have trouble with image quality overall. I’m trying to use a WordPress theme which enlarges each image in my portfolio by 200%. Images are currently being save as a press ready PDF out of Indesign, placed in psd to add backgrounds and size accurately for the 800dpi image space, and exported for web (to optimize). All of the text looks like heck! And when the images are enlarged they look even worse. As a designer, I want to maintain quality on the zoomed view. Any way to do this? Also, I can get the images to be very crisp from the PDF in photoshop, but don’t know if they are losing the quality from the export for web, the wordpress compression, or the smush…. or all three. Any advice? Do I need to turn off WordPress compression? Is this a known issue with Smush as a “normal” compromise for site speed?