Image pop-up question (not your pop-up plugin)

I want to have the ability for a paragraph to describe something, and then have a link that says "See an example". If the user clicks the link, I'd like to display a graphic which has a close box to dismiss.

I looked at your very cool pop-over plugin, but that seems to display a single image coming in from, say, Google. It's not apparently appropriate for content-specific pop-ups or pop-ups initiated from a link.

So, can you recommend something simple, say something that takes a URL to an image, and then when the link is clicked, shows the image?


  • drmike
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    I could see writing up a shortcode filter using something like:

    [popup 100 100 http://myinstall.tld/url.jpg

    and having endusers give the information that one would need to create the popup. Unless you wanted something fancy, that would just be normal javascript within a php and the variables being inserted.

    I would think though that with an open system (which I know you dont have but still) you would have problems with folks trying to stick in non image urls and in fact javascripts. WOuldn;t be much in way of security.

    Would that work or would you rather have something else?

    Some (I hate this frigging network) very slow google'ing doesn;t pull up anything outside of "show the thumbnails, click on the thumbnail, and get the larger image" plugins.

  • drmike
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    Interesting. It wasn't obvious from the plugin that there were shortcodes available.

    There's not. I just fall back to shortcodes when I want something like this. For example our installs have a shortcode plugin to show rss feeds within post content. Something like

    [rssfeed http://blah.tld/feed/

    I;m wondering if maybe using the snapshot plugin and gutting it would work better.

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