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I successfully was able to smush 7100 out of 8800 images and it took way longer because I received over a 1100 errors like the screenshot above to the point where it stopped several times and gave me the same msgs. like above but in addition had a red rectangle box that said I need to contact support so you guys can fix the issues.

I successfully smushed and super smushed 180MB and my site is loading faster now, the Hummingbird in which I have another ticket created keeping it separate as you requested has helped out greatly this go around with minimum issues with the plugin. This ticket is for wpSmush Pro.

God Bless,
James - BTW I have extended the login to admin for support another 5 days for you guys. - I am starting to like being a part of the WPDEV Community and learning my way through your plugins and talking to the community. God Bless.